All over the world today, several men and women are battling with weight gain and are looking for a way out. More often than not, our eating habits and our lifestyle are the culprits behind weight gain. If left unchecked, being obese can result in serious health challenges and ultimately death.

Many solutions have been proffered, but one of the most effective options for rapid weight loss is drinking tea. Studies have shown that drinking certain tea can enhance weight loss and also reduce belly fat. Here are five of the ‘miracle’ teas that will enhance a slimmer you.


This is one of the most well-known teas. Aside from other health benefits, such as preventing stroke, it is also a highly effective weight loss tea. Green tea extract is especially high in a naturally-occurring type of antioxidant known as catechin which has been associated with weight loss and fat loss.


Unlike other types of tea, black tea has undergone far more oxidation (a chemical reaction that occurs when tea leaves are exposed to air which results in browning). This is responsible for the characteristic black color of this tea.

Several studies have shown that black tea is rich in flavones, which is a type of plant pigment with antioxidant properties. Flavones have been associated with a reduction in weight, BMI (Body Mass Index) and waist circumference.


Just like green tea, peppermint tea speeds up digestion and thus helps burn more calories.


Oolong tea comes in between green tea and black tea in terms of oxidation and color. It is a traditional Chinese tea. Research reveals that Oolong tea is even more effective than green tea, as it helps to enhance weight loss by improving metabolism and improving fat burning.



This is the fruit of the Chinese tree Illiciumverum. It can be used in the treatment of digestive troubles such as stomach upset, diarrhea, nausea, etc.

Though many people all over the world drink tea mostly for its taste and soothing quality, as described above, many teas also contain some important antioxidants which help to improve weight loss and thus result in a slimmer you.


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