Importance Of Conditioning Before Bulking Up

Before you start on a complicated muscle building program, it’s important to understand the current condition of your body. By this I mean knowing at what level you’ll be starting out and how your body is conditioned well enough for high muscle gain. Poor posture and conditioning can prevent you from gaining muscles so you need to first take some steps to accommodate that muscle gain. While you’ll find many muscle building programs on the Internet, let us first work on properly conditioning your body prior to building high amounts of muscle. Let’s do it right!

Start With Posture

When building muscle, having the right posture is critical to your success. If your back is wonky when you’re performing exercises with barbells you’ll only affect your stance and be even worse off than when you started out. You can become hunched up without the proper conditioning, and that is why a proper conditioning program will deal with this from the beginning. Look to fix up your posture by performing back stretching exercises that work to loosen your lower back, while allowing your upper back to become more straight.

Do A Lot Of Stretching

After working on posture, you now need to make sure your body and muscles will actually be receptive to the type of muscle gain you plan to achieve. If you don’t stretch your muscles you are likely to not accommodate big muscle gain. This can be a tough and painful process especially if you don’t stretch before your workouts. So make sure to do that, and on rest days you can perform stretching only, simply to keep your muscles happy. Your body will thank you for it. You’ll build more muscle and without as much pain.

Focus On Your Core

Your core is comprised from your stomach and chest. With your arms and legs being attached to your core, the level of muscle you can build there is naturally directly proportional to the strength and health of your core. You’re likely aware that you just don’t see people that have huge muscle arms but little chests. In the event one would only work out their arms, the chest would automatically gain in volume because it physically has to. So by using the same logic, if you start building your core first, it will also enable your arms and shoulders to develop bigger muscles as well. A properly designed muscle program will contain routines that include push ups, crunches and stretches that will work on strengthening your core weaknesses.

Once you deal with posture, stretching and get your core ready for muscle gain, you’ll be much more likely to build muscle the right and healthy way!

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