3 Fitness Exercises For Better Body Conditioning

You will find challenges and difficulties in most get fit quick programs, as any type of physical training requires commitment and determination from an individual to actually achieve results. So it goes without saying, that having an open mind and a positive attitude will help you greatly. Make clear justification for your goals and understand you need to take proper action regularly to achieve them. This is true for everything you want to achieve in life, not just fitness and body conditioning.

If you’ve reached a point where you have promised yourself and committed to body conditioning, then there are several easy exercise you can perform to get started and see results in a timely fashion. These exercises will get you in a better shape that will eventually allow you to start building muscle or simply maintain yourself in great physical shape. Let’s take a closer look at 3 fitness exercises for better body conditioning.


This is an exercise that can be applied for a variety of training programs and goals, but you shouldn’t overlook its importance. It might seem too casual or unimportant, but getting your body ready for physical exercise is a must to avoid injury. Simple stretching exercises of 5 to 10 minutes will enable anyone to continue their workout routines in a safe and healthy manner. It’s very important not to overlook this.


No, we’re not talking about Star Wars here, you’re not going to fight the First Order. You are however going to start practicing resistance training with free weights or weight machines. Arm curls, biceps curls, triceps curls, lateral raise, bench press, dumbbell squats and exercises that deal with your upper back. For resistance training you can also include body weight fitness exercises that don’t necessarily need equipment to perform, but simply by relying on your body’s weight instead. (push-ups, pull-ups are always great).

Aerobics Training

Also overlooked are aerobics. People usually perform some kind of cardio and then jump right into lifting weights. That’s a sure fire way to get tired fairly quickly and not progress as much as you’d like. Take things step by step and focus on aerobics which can be a form of dynamic fitness exercises that will perfectly stimulate your cardiovascular system. This is a sort of cardio that is fun to perform and won’t completely drain your energy after a few minutes. Understand what your limits are and always pace yourself, it’s important to get aerobics done without being completely drained.

By following these 3 fitness exercises you’ll be well on your way to properly condition your body for further more tougher workouts.





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